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Re: Vacuum Cleaner under $200
#1   Today 12:23 pm
Buy a good used Aerus Lux or Electrolux USA vacuum from a reputable vacuum shop and go with that. Even a thirty year old Electrolux canister properly refurbished with a good power nozzle will out clean and out last anything new you can buy for $200. Bissell, Shark, Dyson (Diesoon) are all crap with low quality brittle plastics, poor filtration and plastic brush rolls that get hot and warp. Don't waste your money. A nicely refurbished Aerus or their predecessor Electrolux USA (not to be confused with their former Swedish parent the Electrolux Group which used to own Eureka and Sanitaire) will do a great job for you and given proper care probably last longer than any of us will.
Re: Is there no perfect vacuum yet?
#2   Jan 24, 2019 7:32 pm
Batteries do not have the power to match what comes out of an electrical outlet, so corded vacuums will always have more cleaning power than cordless vacuums. The vacuums you will find at big box stores like Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Costco, etc are there because those stores thrive on selling large volumes of merchandise at low prices. They are not going to sell a premium vacuum because they can't make any money off them. Unfortunately you will have to travel around to some mom and pop vacuum shops so you can test different brands of vacuums you will never find in a big box store. There are some exceptionally high quality durable vacuums on the market today but you will never see them at Costco. Names like Kenmore (Kenmore sells a very well made vacuum cleaner), Simplicity, Riccar, Sebo, Miele, Lindhaus, Cirrus, Titan, Carpet Pro, CleanMax, PowrFlite (that's how it's spelled)and the brands that are sold in your home, Aerus Lux, Tristar, Miracle Mate, Kirby (not my choice but they have their rabid partisans), Filter Queen and Rainbow (aka the Mud Bucket, it uses water filtration instead of a dust bag, extra work but another brand with a rabidly loyal following who would lynch me for calling it a mud bucket, lol). One other thing, the revered old vacuum brand we knew here as Electrolux is now called Aerus Lux. Long story but Electrolux USA sold their name back to the original Swedish company AB Electrolux. What was once Electrolux USA is now called Aerus Lux. I would probably start with them because they still make one of the most durable and functional lines of vacuum cleaners you can buy. The Aerus Legacy and Aerus Classic models are made in the US and have been in production with only minor changes since the late 1980s for the classic and early 1990s for the Legacy. Their Guardian Platinum is actually a product of AB Electrolux of Sweden that is sold world wide as a premium vacuum. In Europe they are called simply Lux International and in Australasia they are sold as a Sauber. The US model has a different power nozzle and hose, both made in the US. Very nice machines. Aerus also owns Tristar and this is another interesting old brand with a history revolving around Howard Hughes, TWA and the Los Angeles aerospace industry. The clean nut Howard Hughes asked a major airframe manufacturer to make a vacuum for his airline, TWA. Pretty much the same innovative and unusual design is still made today, and it's still made from an aluminum-magnesium allow. It's all metal, simple and exceptionally durable. Miracle Mate is a Tristar copy from Canada. The former Canadian distributor for Tristar was dissatisfied with their customer service and began making his own vacuum. Both are expensive but used ones are reasonably priced and still plenty durable. Lots of choices so look around and don't confine your shopping to the big box.
Re: Best Vacuum for Wool Berber Carpets, Laminate & Tile
#3   Jan 24, 2019 7:12 pm
Mieles are over rated. Go to the nearest Sears and look at their Kenmore brnaded canister vacuums, specifically the 600 Series 81614, Elite 700 Series 81714 and Elite 800 Series 21814. The Elites are originally Panasonic designs and are the most powerful canister vacuums made. The 600 is a Cleva Industrial design. Test them against any Miele and I think you will be surprised at their basic excellence. Kenmore has almost always been about high airflow and the Elites in particular have massive airflow, more than even a Kirby. The Kirby sales guy was surprised to see my hard working Elite match the airflow of his brand new Sentria measuring them both at the hose end with his BAIRD meter. Then compare attachments, especially those on the 600 series with Miele's. The Kenny has traditional American sized attachments including an excellent horse hair dusting brush. Then look at the tiny little attachments Miele provides. Mieles dusting brush is especially frustrating as it has such a narrow cleaning path. The Kenmore dusting brush is wide. And where Miele gives you a cheap turbo hand brush that will bog on anything soft for lack of airflow, Kenmore gives you an outstanding electric motor driven Pet Powermate hand brush that almost never bogs. It out cleans any turbo tool. But if you are really determined to spend a bunch of money on a vacuum cleaner, look at Aerus Lux. Their Classic and Legacy canisters are made in the US and have been in production with very few minor changes since the late 1980s. Aerus Lux like Kenmore provides an outstanding electric motor driven hand brush called the Sidekick. These are top quality vacuums that will last decades given reasonable care. Reasonable care means using only cloth HEPA dust bags and changing the pre-motor and exhaust filters every sixth bag change. If there are big accumulations of dust in the bag chambers clean the bag chamber so the dust can't be sucked into the motor where it can clog and damage it. Suction air is what cools your vacuum motor. Anything that reduces airflow like clogged filters are dirt accumulating in the motor starves airflow and that will overheat and ruin a vacuum motor.
Re: Riccar vs. Sebo vs. Miele vs. Simplicity
#4   Jan 24, 2019 6:58 pm
The EU power regs don't apply to US market vacuums. US market vacuums have different circuit boards and motors compatible with our 120 Volt / 60 Hz power. In North America, appliances are limited to 12 amps maximum current draw at the wall outlet, which is 1440 watts. Wall outlets are generally protected by a 15 amp circuit breaker. The 12 amp limit is a fire safety regulation imposed by the insurance industry though their Underwriters Laboratories. Bottom line is while power is reduced for EU market vacuums that is not generally true in the US. 10 - 12 amp vacuums are normal here.
Re: love to vacuum
#5   Jun 8, 2018 6:00 pm
Most vacuum enthusiasts/collectors I know are gay men so I feel the pain, lol. The women I know including my wife view a vacuum with about as much affection as a mop or a broom. It's just a chore that has to be done. She emphatically doesn't share my interest in vacuums or vacuuming. Good luck in your quest !
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