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Re: Craftsman single stage snow thrower won't shut off
#1   Dec 16, 2007 9:49 am
The switch is bad.
The connector too the switch is disconnected.
The ground is loose.
The wire too the module is disconnected.
Re: Toro Snowthrower CR20E
#2   Dec 4, 2007 12:59 am
This should make life much easier.
This is the view from the top of the carb, with the cover removed.
The throttle lever should move freely when you turn it back and forth with your finger. (engine not running)
If it sticks you can usually free it up by turning it open and closed a few times.  If that doesnt do it then removing and cleaning the carb is the next step.

Re: Just bought and used a new Toro Power Clear 221R - questions, thoughts, maybe a problem?
#3   Dec 3, 2007 8:03 pm
We replace lots and lots of dried out and cracked primer bulbs on Powerlites.
As the rteks start getting older we'll replace lots and lots on them also. (they're the same)
I can understand why you had problems with your powerlite priming. I replaced 3 today.
Re: Just bought and used a new Toro Power Clear 221R - questions, thoughts, maybe a problem?
#4   Dec 3, 2007 5:01 pm
Sorry too contradict what jon just wrote, but the very last thing you want too do with a Toro with an rtek engine is overprime them.
Those engines are notorious for severe flooding due too too much priming.
They squirt anywhere from 1/8-1/4 oz. (estimate) of fuel per prime. And once they are flooded they are stuggle too "unflood".
It's not unusual too drain 3 or more oz of raw fuel from a crankcase and with that much fuel floating around they will not start no matter how many times you pull or how long you lay on the electric start button.
I can give an exact procedure but if it.s starting on one prime or none at all works....then only prime that much.
I agree that some of the older toros, with diaphram carbs may have needed some extra primes....but the rteks dont. I've replaced a lot of starter motors that were badly flooded.
And if you think it's not performing up too snuff on the EOD.....take it back too the dealer and have them check it out. It might just need a cable adjustment or something simple. They should have no problem checking it out for you.
Re: Toro Snowthrower CR20E
#5   Dec 2, 2007 2:55 pm
I'm more concerned with the machine running at high speed.
You will have too pull off the carb cover too get a decent look at whats happening with your carb.
I need too know if your throttle plate and shaft  are moving freely. They can stick from old gum and varnish buildup not allowing the plate too close down, thus running at a higher speed than normal.
I am having problems posting pictures and links so check your pm box (personal message box) and we'll see if I can get you some pictures.
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