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Location: Orange County, N.Y.
Joined: Jan 21, 2003
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Original Message   Aug 6, 2005 7:29 pm
An old man, Mr. Goldstein, was living the last of his life in a Nursing home. One day he seemed to be very sad and depressed. Nurse Barton asked if there was anything wrong.

"Yes, Nurse Barton, said Mr.Goldstein, My penis died today, and I am very sad."

Knowing her patients were forgetful and sometimes a little crazy, she replied, "Oh, I'm so sorry, Mr. Goldstein, please accept my condolences."

The following day, Mr. Goldstein was walking down the hall with his penis hanging out of his pajamas, when he met Nurse Barton."Mr. Goldstein," she said, "You shouldn't be walking down the hall like this. Please put your penis back inside your pajamas."

"But, Nurse Barton," replied Mr. Goldstein, "I told you yesterday that my penis died."

"Yes, you did tell me that, but why is it hanging out of your pajamas?" asked Nurse Barton

"Well," he replied. "Today's the viewing'.
This message was modified Aug 6, 2005 by Dantheman
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May you have enough happiness to make you sweet,
enough trials to make you strong,
enough sorrow to keep you human and
enough hope to make you happy.

Joined: Apr 30, 2004
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Reply #1   Aug 7, 2005 1:34 am
Hmm...wonder where its going to be buried?

How many ball-bearers do you think it will need?

Hey!!  I didn't start it.....


I have an Ariens 926 Pro because I like Orange

Location: Near Gettysburg
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Reply #2   Aug 7, 2005 3:39 pm
I'll remember that one, good joke. 

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Joined: Sep 19, 2003
Points: 345

Reply #3   Aug 7, 2005 6:07 pm
I'll save that tip for when I eventually end up in a nursing home. You never know.....
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