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Nice day for a mow!!

Location: Chicago
Joined: Dec 6, 2002
Points: 920

Kenny Rogers, thee Camerasmasher.
Original Message   Jul 1, 2005 5:13 am
Ya gotta know when to slam them
Know when to cram them
Know when to kick them and
Know when to unplug

Ya never take my picture, when I'm walkin in the ball park
Yeah smashin coolers in the dug out
Ya ignorant media fvck.

Ya never count your money
That I'm gonna settle outa court for
When your suin' my azzz off
When all the camera slammin' is done.
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As Long As There Are Tests, There Will Be Prayer In Public Schools. ;- )

Joined: Sep 16, 2002
Points: 7730

Re: Kenny Rogers, thee Camerasmasher.
Reply #1   Jul 1, 2005 11:30 am
isn't that the truth. The camera man will have a big pay day.
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