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Product Reviews for Swissgold permanent coffee filter

Swissgold permanent coffee filter
Model No: KF4
Manufacturer: Swissgold

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Avg. Price: $19
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Swissgold Coffee Filter
Mar 31, 2005 10:06 pm
Joined: Jan 21, 2003

The Swissgold permenant coffee filter is a 23kt gold plated metal filter that replaces the paper filters most folks use.
You won't get a "papery" taste with this filter and because it is not absorbant, it allows all of the coffee's natural oils and flavor to make it in the pot. It makes one tasty cup of Java.
They are also dishwasher safe [I still hand wash mine].Swissgold makes both cone and flat bottomed filters of various sizes.

Date Purchased: 3/20/05
Price Paid: $19
Recommend: Yes
No more paper filters.
Coffee has richer flavor.
Real Swiss quality.

Slight amount of coffee residue at the bottom of your mug...if you grind your own beans use the courser drip setting.

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