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Product Reviews for Pure Digital PSV-351 60 Minute Point-and-Shoot

Pure Digital PSV-351 60 Minute Point-and-Shoot
Model No: PSV-351 60 Minute Point-and-Shoot
Manufacturer: Pure Digital

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Aug 16, 2007 1:45 pm

This digital video camcorder is small, sleek and perfect for someone on the go. All it takes is just three buttons and you can capture up to 20 minutes of footage on your camera. You can hook it up to your PC and it has a USB hook up.

Price ranges from 140.00 to 160.00 at online stores.

Users claim that they love that it is convenient, small, and affordable. It has good quality videos and is very easy to use. Users con is that it will not live forever.
Overall Good reviews.

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