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Hoover Dimension 1000 (Read 36 times)

Posts: 19
Hoover Dimension 1000
06/12/07 at 11:25pm
I saw this on ebay and I was going to buy this as a second vacuum and I was wondering if this particular type of Hoover canister was durable?
Is it worth the buy?
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Posts: 1318
Re: Hoover Dimension 1000
Reply #1 - 06/13/07 at 2:57am
The D1000 was HOOVER's last great canister w/power nozzle.  These machines cleaned very  well.  They were made very well also.  They are on the quiet side(incl. the power nozzle).  They were quieter than the Kenmore canisters of that time.  One of the problems was that they were heavy for women.
This series sold anywhere from $299-$400 new.
This vacuum cleaner is durable as vacuum cleaners go, but all things do break down.  You will need to stock up on bags if you are going to use it w/ your Miele.  It will be much harder to find parts for this machine.  Some things, like the hose, are going to be expensive.  That is why the seller did not purchase the whole hose.  
You complained about the filtration of the Electrolux and you may complain about this, because it was made at a time when filtration was not that important.  There are no HEPA filters on this HOOVER.
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What is YaBB 1G -

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Re: Hoover Dimension 1000
Reply #2 - 06/13/07 at 8:00am
I have one of these, and I agree with what Mike wrote, with the exception that I felt mine was noisy. They definitely do not filter well, but they are durable. Keep in mind that the $3-400 price that Mike quotes was 20 years ago, and in current dollars that would be a $6-800 vacuum. It is a shame that Hoover no longer builds vacuums in that price range, and that Hoover has felt the need to sell exlusively down into lower price ranges because it has affected quality. They pretty much abandoned the high end of the canister market, and left it for Miele, Sebo, Bosch, Tacony, etc.
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Junior Member

Posts: 29
Re: Hoover Dimension 1000
Reply #3 - 06/13/07 at 3:05pm
I also owned one and positively loved it -- passed it on to friend because I was about to go on the road.  My lamentation too is that Hoover abandoned the manufacture of canisters of this calibre.  Nonetheless, inspect all immages of teh amchine provided and ask the sellers all the questions you have to to assure yourself your buying a machine in good condition.
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