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Product Reviews for 24"

Model No: WM3431HW
Manufacturer: LG

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Feb 13, 2007 10:50 am

This is one interesting machine. Washer and a dryer in one package. It is a 24" front load design.

The unit has a 15lb capacity. It also has a sports a design that does not require a vent.

This unit is not for the large family as it can take up to 6 hours to wash and dry a load of laundry. It does make great sense for smaller families on the go - especially those with severe space limitations or the inability to vent a dryer properly.

Prices range from $1300 - $1500.

Overall, reviews are positive. Most reviewers are apartment or condo dwellers who's needs have been very closely met by this machine.

Negatives revolve around the length of time it takes to dry clothing.

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