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Portable Air Conditioners

Why get a portable air conditioner? As the prices drop for these units, they are becoming more popular. If you live in an apartment that does not allow for window or wall units, a portable air conditioner may be the ticket. If your central air conditioner is not doing the job in the upstairs bedroom or office, a portable unit can help you keep cool. They don't require the seasonal lifting into window openings or awkward winterizing. Portable air conditioners take air from the room and pass it over cold evaporator coils. The air is cooled and the moisture is removed (the air is dehumidified). Then the resulting hot air is exhausted out of the room.

The portable aspect of the unit indicates it is on casters, ready to be rolled from room to room. You may need some help getting it home from the home improvement or appliance store however, as they can be hefty, weighing in anywhere from thirty-six to a hundred pounds. Their size can vary depending on their ability to cool. Some are the size of a dehumidifier, although most are larger. These portable units are still more expensive than window units, however you only need one to roll around, rather than one in each room.

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