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Product Reviews for Canon PowerShot A540 6MP

Canon PowerShot A540 6MP
Model No: A540
Manufacturer: Canon

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Jul 23, 2007 1:36 pm

This Canon has 2.5 LCD screen with a 9 point focusing. It has a 30 frame per second movie recorder and has 20 shotting modes.With a 4x optical zoom lens you wont have a problem getting those close ups.This dij comes with software and usb cables for your computer. You can basically hook it up and print pictures right off your printer.It takes two AA battery's that comes with it.

Price ranges from 198.00 to 230.00 at online stores.

Users claim that it has very fast startup and quick shot to shot speed.There is reported to be hardly any red eye is pictures.Users claim the 20 different modes are easy to use and navigate. The camera can be bulky and it runs out of battery life quick.

Overall a good camera for the price users claim.

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Recommend: Yes

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